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    I really did not think I would ever do this, however recent back trouble is forcing me to get some weight off my belt so here goes:

    My Wilson CQB is black over green. It was built in 2002 and went back to WC last year for new night sights (orange/green) and a refinish. It does have some holster wear on the high spots. The grips are heavily checkered G10 (I believe they are from Simonich). I have the Wilson soft case, manual, test target, three Wilson mags and an IWB holster.

    I estimate the trade value at $2200.00.

    The ideal trade would be an HK USP 40 Tactical and a USP 45c Tactical with sufficient mags/holsters for both. A USP expert would be great as well. If you only have one of the guns I am looking for, please be prepared to add cash or another gun. I don't need optics, hunting rifles or items other than firearms.

    I really want to stick with HK on this deal, but will listen to other offers as well. I will post pictures this weekend when I have some free time away from work.

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