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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Seattleareagunlover, Nov 24, 2014.

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    i am usually a buyer and seller and not a trader. i am currently in contact with a person that wants to trade guns. his gun is worth more than mine. i ask him how much he wants to cover the difference and his reply was how much do you want to give. Seeing his gun is a higher value, i would think he would be the one to give a number. i of course would always just prefer a straight trade.

    So this is where we are now. What would you do?

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    I would have already had a cash offer to make on top of the trade. I would still take him up on it and figure a cash offer to give to him. Be reasonable based on what both guns are selling for but come up with a number and get to haggling!
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    I'd do some looking, either on gunbroker to see what bids are for the two guns, or the Blue Book to get an idea of "equal" values. Then I'd offer a little on the low side of the difference. I'd not try to lowball him, but I'd push it a little.

    I once had a gun on here for sale, but not listed for trade. Another member mentioned two guns that he had, but didn't specify what his intentions were. I wasn't interested in one of the guns and told him so. The other was a gun worth 25-30% more than the gun I had up for sale. Told him I'd trade straight across for it if that's what he was implying.

    Guess I pissed him off. He sent me a message telling me how presumptuous in assuming that he wanted to do a straight trade. He then closed the conversation and refused to talk to me again.

    No skin off my bones, but what a pr!ck he was. :)

    So, if you really want his gun, don't push it too hard. But, if you think he wants too much for his, don't hesitate to "walk".

    By the way, I sold the gun I had listed to another member who was quite happy with it.
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    Yeah yeah yeah get prices blah blah blah........Is it even a gun you want? Is it a gun that you can get rid of easy enough if you decide you don't like it?
    I know the value or better said,what I will take for my gun.Then I decide if his is a keeper or not.Usually not for long. Not many guns I keep over a year with most lasting 3 months or so,lol
    Yeah,I'm gunna start calling myself a test pilot!
    Then I decide what I could possibly sell the gun for,then come up with a trade value so I'm 'in it right' so I can sell the thing.
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    Far is I'm concerned it's the sellers job to determine a price or price difference. In fact I'm a little anal about it! I'll make a counter proposal after. If he doesent wish to or gets all offended about, it's a wide world chock full of guns I would like to own!
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    the way I see it is, you have your price. if he wants to trade, then its a straight trade, unless your offering more for his firearm.

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