Trade only Ar-15 for Motorcycle or VW baja parts

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by n0xious, Jul 23, 2013.

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    76253_364618126962622_1729009797_n.jpg I'm not looking for cash just looking to swap one hobby for another.
    I have an SAA lower fully functional ar-15 to trade for a running 500cc+ street bike, dual sport, or would consider possible trade for a good basket case harley project (no iron heads please).

    As far as VW parts
    A running dual port 1600 in a baja

    a Running turn key larger stroker

    possible trade for non running project rail with quality 4"x4" or 3"x3" suspension.

    that should give you a good idea on what i'm looking for.

    I have been more into long range shooting and my old bolt actions seem to make me happier than my Ar so I would like to trade it for my other hobbies. Motorcycles and my Manx.

    I have gs550es project I can toss in the trade or if you have a GSXR project I can use many of those parts for my little es.


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