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Excellent condition AKM / 47S. All original condition. I've had this rifle approx 20 years and it hasn't been fired for the last 20 years. This is from Norinco, has matching serial numbers 1124, imported to Sile NY. Includes 4 matching mags and 1 non-matching (it has a ridge down the back). I have 588 rounds of ammo as well (30 pounds of ammo). It has the original chinese sling. It's model is : AKM/47S This is a pretty rare marking and an online appraiser guessed the value of the rifle to be in the $1350 range. I'm interested in trading for a nice AR rifle. The AR needs to be in excellent condition as is this AK. Would like a colt 6920 in particular, or a S&W in the same configuration, or stag model 1...
ammo breakdown:

504 rounds in copper looking shells marked 31 / 66 (I think) - all of this but 14 rounds marked (71 / 88) is mounted on stripper clips in the paper wrappers. these rounds were originally packaged in a sealed giant spam can.

30 rounds in 2 small cardboard boxes - looks russian

20 rounds in a norinco cardboard box that has been partially opened and is torn a little
the rest is loose rounds that look like the norinco ammo

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