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Trade: my bulk .223 for your .357

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by bumpkin, May 14, 2009.

  1. bumpkin

    bumpkin SW WA 98643 Member

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    I have 800+ rounds of Norinco .223 ammunition that I would like to trade for .357 ammo with 158 grain JHP bullets.

    Around 1990 I bought several thousand rounds of this Norinco ammo - it hasn't given me any trouble it in the past and just last weekend I ran 30 rounds through an AR-15 and a Mini-14 and had no problems with feed or fire or eject. The brass is reloadable, the 55 grain FMJ bullets are sealed in place with some sort of tarry substance, primers are crimped, brass neck shows signs of heat-treating, they are headstamped NORINCO 223. Here is some discussion of this Norinco ammo:
    Yes, big fireball, see it even in daylight.

    I do not know the value of this Norinco stuff today, but I suggest a 60/50 ratio, that is I give you 60 rounds of this Norinco .223 ammunition in trade for 50 rounds of .357MAG. I must have 158 grain JHP.

    I plan to be in Portland for the gun show on Saturday May 16. If I am out of line with this 60/50 trade ratio, please let me know.
  2. StanwoodSpartan

    StanwoodSpartan Stanwood, WA Member

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    Just to let you know, the 223 is way cheaper than the 357 ammo. I know, own both.
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