Trade me a Fn Scar 17 for M1A with extras

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by rda678, Mar 2, 2014.

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    I have a Springfield M1a Socom 2 in a Sage ebr M14ALCS/CV chassis with a alot of extra stuff for it. In good condition. I just want something a little bit more lighter and different and more militaryish? I love this gun and am I in no way in a hurry to get rid of her. I will only trade for a scar 17 at the moment. But if you have something that you think is around the same price tag let me know im open to whatever but im really just looking for a scar 17.

    I just want a scar 17 that is preferably not beat to hell and one in fde with a couple of mags or whatever you got going with it and want to trade.

    If you really want to know the price, it is $3000.00...

    If you want more info on the gun just pm me if serious. Pics on request.

    I figured id try here and see if I get better luck here than I do at gun shows...

    Pm me here or email me at
    I am willing to trade with you OR folks as well. Legally of course.
    Anyways I live in Vancouver WA.
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