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    I have 2 electric guitars and an amp that I do not play anymore due to our baby. I am willing to sell them or trade them for rifles/pistols/revolvers/reloading equipment. What I have is:
    -Peavey T-15(1980's era) electric guitar -good shape for old guitar
    -Peavey Predator plus exp(couple years old)electric guitar-Looks brand new, has maybe 10 hrs worth of playtime.
    -Line 6 Spider III series amp. Couple yrs old, bought it new with the predator so has maybe 10hrs on it as well

    Looking for-
    -17 hmr
    -22 lr/mag
    -357 mag
    -40 S&W
    -44 REM MAG
    -454 casull
    -480 ruger
    -22 lr/mag
    -22-250 REMINGTON
    -270 -any
    -308 win
    -338-ANY MAG
    -45-70 GOVT
    -7mm REM MAG

    Anything in CAPITAL LETTERS I am really interested in. If you have something you wanna trade or sell and dont see it, send me an email anyway. I dont have a criminal background and have my cpp. You can contact me at or call me at 360-508-2467.Thanks

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