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    I have 2 1911s I was hoping to trade into one nicer 1911, preferably a colt.

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    The first, and the nicest, is an essex frame with an essex slide. This is extremely well matched and the internals except slide are all Springfield. It matches up beautifully due to the original owners obsession with finishing it out. It has been lapped and the rails are polished. Its trigger is great and I recently had it cerakoted. This shoots everything but lead SWC, which is what I have decided to change to. I value this in the $625-$650 range.

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    The second is an essex frame with what I was told was a gold cup national match slide (not marked, but I am 99% sure some of the older ones where not marked) with the adjustable rear sights and high rise shark fin front sight. It has a beavertail attached to it, but not well fit. I was tinkering with seeing if you could attach a beavertail to a GI frame without shrinking the radious. The short answer to that question is yes, you can, but dont. I got this in trade from Darkham here in the boards. It shoots well but does not like the 185gr SWC bullets I like. I value this in the $550-$600 range (finished out nicely this exact set up goe for nearly $1000 on GunBroker). It has some cosmetic issues, but nothing blatantly offensive and should be easily remedied. I will keep the Delta grips unless you have something great to trade, I still have the ones that came on it.

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    As far as my interests, I want something not blued (hard chrome, stainless or melonite (? that black stuff of XDs and Glocks) and tacticalish. I would love something with a rail, but that is not a necessity. I would do a trade for a Dan Wesson or other higher end guns regardless of the finish and configuration. I prefer Colt and Sig, But I am not a fan of Kimbers, and can add cash if needed. I will not sell them or trade into a lower caste gun with cash added.

    Just a quick mention of 2 things I may have not clearly stated. The colt slide is marked Colt in the roll stamp. It is not marked gold cup, but some of them (in the fifties if I remember right) came exactly as this one (colt marked, high bomar adjustable on the rear and soldiered or grazed high front sight. )

    Also, it sounded like I dislike Kimbers or would turn
    them down. That is not true. I prefer the colts and sigs, that is all. Kimber makes nice guns and I would be happy to trade for one.

    I also low value these guns around $1100 or so. I am not expecting the sun and the moon. Make a fellow an offer he cannot refuse!
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