Town Hall Meeting: Come Thank Sen. Ginny Burdick and Rep. Margaret Doherty 4/18

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    At the Tigard City Council Chambers 13125 SW Hall Nlvd, Tigard 97223. Come to support these legislators who have championed gun law reform. If you are unable to attend please Email Sen.GinnyBurdick@state. and Rep.MargaretDoherty@state. Recently posted by Ceasefire Oregon

    With respect to "antigun folks" hereis some additional information:

    If you appear or have contact with these Senators or Representative please be overtly polite and respectful. My personal thoughts are that this is a closed-minded group that is paranoid of lawabiding citizens while they are in denial about the real cause of gun violence and are uneducated about gun law and criminology of gun violent crimes. Antigun folks seem to be both irrational and very threat sensitive. The folks that they should be paranoid about are ignored.

    It would be great if they put their energy into more constructive avenues-like cleaning up the gang street crime in NE Pdx and that crime that is spreading into the surburbes.

    Good luck.
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    I would love to see pro 2a residents show up in mass. Apparently (to me) they don't care about the people's wishes - just their own agenda. If I were an OR resident in attendance at this town hall meeting and given the chance to speak I would probably say something to the effect of " I was told this meeting was to thank you for your work - why would I thank you for actively trying to undermine the constitution and the bill of rights? This is the document you swore to uphold when you took office. Would you like it if our positions were reversed and I was forcing you to not drive the car of your choice? How about removing your right to worship the way you want or restrict your first amendment right to speak out against legislation I support?"

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