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Top Gun 2


TC is well past his 'movie shelf life' but I really enjoyed his stint on oppppppppprah!
You watch that leftist cow? Surrender your Man Card.
Aaaaand, she is a hag now... wow how a person's face can change!!!
TC would be too. Pretty remarkable what they can do with plastic surgery.

I like old movies where actors & actresses had real teeth.


No doubt it will be stupid in places, but the flight scenes alone make me want to see it. Some stunning stuff just in the trailer, though I wonder if that's about all the flying we actually see in the movie and the other 98% is intense conversations about Maverick writing checks his body can't cash and how he needs to retire.

My guess - the highlight of the movie is Maverick's retirement party ;)
I do hate Tom Cruise but I will see this.
(When it comes to netflix)

It will be your typical not well thought out story line, but it has fighter jets so i’m excited.

I drive by the Portland airport all the time and see the fighter jets take off or landing all the time and EVERYTIME it excites me like a child.
I can sit and watch unrestricted take offs all day long.


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