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Top 6 Tips That Will Improve Your Hunting Success!

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by daiello91, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. daiello91

    daiello91 NW Oregon Active Member

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  2. wscott577

    wscott577 Phonix New Member

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    Great! Really one of the best ways to learn would be to go on a guided hunt in your chosen area. It will let you learn from experts and have some reasonable hunting sites.
  3. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    not really unless its a real guide who guides on public property. Many of the Oregon so called guides work for Fee hunt ranches that have leased up all of what used to be "welcome to hunt" land (those signs are so rare now compared to 10 years ago and they will drive you up to herd in a jeep and you get to pick the one to shoot and bam your done now you got a nice trophy for your office and and can brag how you shot that that trophy and feel like a real man. Cheaper just to go to safeway but you get that shot it your self feeling but its hardly hunting and you will not gain any knowledge or skill from it.

    not saying there are not real guides who will take you out into the middle of no where to some remote spot they have spent months scouting and share some info with you but if they share too much they would be out a job.

    the best way to learn is to have a dad show you then pass that along to to next generation and so on .
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  4. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    Not all of us had a Dad to teach us.
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  5. Silver Hand

    Silver Hand Southern Oregon Coast Well-Known Member

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    What brought me the most success hunting throughout my lifetime was being in the woods year round. If I were going fishing wile on my way into my favorite spots if there was game sign, I would make it a point to find where the animals were in the area by spending more time there during the off season. Deer especially don't usually move far from there best feeding areas as long as the water holds up over summer. I loved it when someone would say [all they saw were does]. You know the last few weeks of the season the bucks are rutting and looking for those does so keep track of them, so many times I have returned to an area to just watch the does with my field glasses and found one or more bucks that have moved in. Ive shot many nice bucks that way and never needed to kill a doe to fill a tag.
    The best time to Elk Hunt is during the deer season, learn where they are, keep an eye on them as long as you can. I always had area maps marked with sightings of elk I located, the number of animals, the date, time and location. Learn all the roads in those areas you may find them in your favor when the pressure is on during the first days of hunting season. If not disturbed they also will stay in an area with plenty cover if they feel safe, it takes a lot of feed to support the herd but at times, there they were waiting for me on opening morning. Wish I had the strength to run all over the hills as I once did.
    Silver Hand
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  6. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    I am sorry to hear that chemist. The statement was to point out how many fathers don't hang around to be good fathers and I know some have had fathers who died before their time. Hopefully you'll be able to or have already learned to hunt so that you will be able to start a tradition to pass on to your kids and then theirs .

    There is plenty of good advise on boards like this and from books . Lots of good information can be learned in just a simple hunters safety class to get you started. The classes are online i think they are free unless you want a certificate which you don't need if you're over 18 .

    Finds some friends that will let you hunt with them or see if you can go along and be a hand. My brother in law in his first year went with us he did not hunt he wanted to see what it was like he was there to help me drag the deer out of the woods and back to camp .

    Just be safe and get out you will gain knowledge with each season .

    The whole guide statement with hunting is different than say with a fishing guide. A fishing guide is out in the same river or same ocean that every other fisherman is in , He knows how to rig and read the water and what bait or color is working for that time as well as where the best fishing holes are.

    A good hunter guide would be the same thing someone who hunts public land and has spent time in the woods knows how to track and knows the habits and best areas to hunt and when and where.

    Unfortunatily some of these guys who call themselves "guides" just are not they work on private land put the food out for the deer in the winter so they know where they are.

    To each their own but you won't learn much for that kind of "guide"
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  7. Oregonhunter5

    Oregonhunter5 2C IDAHO Well-Known Member

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    I've been around hunting since conception. Here's my advice. Study the American Indian ways of hunting. Act like an Indian and you will kill animals. Just stay away from shape shifting!