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    My sister is a 40+ year old mother and wife. She hadn't shot since we were kids when Dad took us shooting .22's.

    All this talk about Sandy Hook and Gun Control has her asking me a lot of questions lately and asking me to take her shooting. Our work/family/kid schedules have made it hard to coordinate, but this morning worked out for the both us to go.

    So this morning we filled our thermos's with coffee and headed out to the woods....

    We discussed the 4 rules, what they mean in practice, and common ways they're violated and people subsequently injured.

    We discussed thumb safety vs no safety, Clips vs Magazines, and common movie myths.

    At first she thought the 9mm was "too much gun", but I told her to keep shooting. Everything is a shock at first. By the time we we finished she had changed her mind and found it to be very controllable.

    She shot the AR. At first she was nervous and a little scared... expecting some massive kick. Turns out it was her favorite gun to shoot, and said that she could see herself getting into competitive shooting... which led to a discussion on IDPA and Practical Rifle Matches.

    Also led to a discussion on why anyone "Needs" and AR 15 or a 30 round magazine and why politicians would push for legislation like that.

    When finished and she handed my pistol back to me I said, "You're gonna feel naked now not having a gun in the house." and she said, "I already do. Actually... it occurred to me after I shot and realized that I was empty. I was immediately aware that I was unarmed..... and vulnerable. But then I remembered the other magazine I had on the belt"

    (We were shooting in the woods)

    My sister has never been "Anti-Gun" and has always argued in the favor of guns even though she had never owned any of her own. But after having shot one, felt what it's like to "have" one and difference in what it feels like when you don't have one... it was a completely different appreciation for her.

    On the drive home she said, "Swing by Bi-Mart and I'll buy you some ammo to replace what I shot today."

    I said, "That's nice of you to offer, but that's not necessary. Today is my treat".

    Her: "No seriously... I want replace what I used".

    Me: "Well... you can't do that anyway... cause everywhere in town is sold out of hand gun ammo"

    And that led to another conversation. :)

    Overall it was a great day.

    Shooting in the snow is fun. Picking up brass in the snow.... is not. :)
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    Good on you!

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