Tony Soprano False Wall Lazy Susan Rifle Rack

Discussion in 'Gun Safes & Secure Storage' started by Gator Monroe, Feb 13, 2015.

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    How many of you saw "The Sopranos" episode of "The Bear Problem" in Tony's back yard ? The Scene where he was rounding a corner in his home and instead pushed the trim and a Corner Lazy Susan style false wall opened up to a well Lit & tastefully done Rifle Rack with nicely trimmed & stylized hardwood that would turn and hold 8 weapons . He reached in and inside was 1 FA AKM in original AK style wood furniture configuration and one Hand grenade. He took the AK out closed the wall and preceded out to the back yard where he sat in a Deck Chair by the pool & lit up a cigar. ( Waiting for the Bear that had scared his Wife a few nights in a row). I went that route ( False Wall / Rack) after viewing that episode for my Storage ...
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    Many years ago I installed a telephone system in a contractors house and in his basement he had two fairly large rooms that were accessed through false walls in basement closets. The first room was used for an extensive gun collection and the second room was for his food storage (he was LDS). I have that kind of space in my current house and two rooms like his will one day be a retirement project for me.
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    My kids house has a stairway that has a whole master suite on the second floor that they don't use, that they could hide with a false wall. You can't see it from the front or sides of the house, and you don't really notice it from the rear unless you look right at the window.

    I have a walk-in closet which I could fit a wide gun safe into at the rear and then put a false wall in front of that. I have been thinking about doing just that.
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    I was thinking of some way to do this kind of thing at this new location.But the house is kinda small for that.
    But really,unless you have some kind of building background,you won't notice the difference in the wall spacing in a house with this done.
    Most won't notice that things don't quite jive if you hide a room somewhere
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    All the times they showed the inside of his house and it only showed that Lazy Susan a couple times! :(

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