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some cards from late 70's lots from the 80's but mostly from early 90's, tons tons of ozzie smith, emmitt smith, brett favre, troy aikmen, nolon ryan, griffey and griffey jr. roger clemens and tons of big names. after i look these up in a beckett i will through out a price, right now I am looking for:

A lavender lady revolver, wife says the pink one will not work...
A 1911 in nearly any brand, i'd like a smaller one to carry.
Possible motorycycle accessories.
Hunting rifles, like the Rem. 700
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It might be to much to ask, but I am a huge fan of many of the names listed (so many more)... Due to collection size, I now only buy/keep RCs; could you possible give out some names and brands of the RCs you have?

If it is to much work... No worries :s0155:
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