Today is the final day to get your last minute firearm purchases in, if you are hoping to get a no response release. 4473s done after today will not be eligible for no response release. Expect long waits and if you are going to a small FFL dress warm because you will likely be waiting outside. Please be nice to your FFL and their staff. Believe it or not but a lot of them have been busting their arses to get your firearms ready for you.

Choose your FFL carefully and that means avoiding big box stores who refuse to do any no response releases. Feel free to ignore this advice if you are confident of getting an instant approval.

Maybe the court will issue a restraining order and we will get another opportunity but maybe we won't. Get while the getting is permitted.

Good luck!

P.S. A customer brought in pizza and soda for us yesterday which was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated.
I know my local FFL (Santiam Buyers) have been working 14 hours per day, 6 days per week for a few weeks now. They look tired, and worse yet they have no idea if they will have a business (income) after this coming week.

I sure hope levo and the out of state super doners get paid a visit from karma.
FedEx got there act together and delivered my order today. My local out of his garage FFL texted me to hurry on over which I did. Instant approval as usual. There were eight guys lined up waiting when I left. I still have 2 PSA lowers stuck somewhere on a truck. I hope they make it.

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