To search or not to search....that isn't the option

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mjbskwim, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Man OH man was that bad Shakespeare:paranoid:

    I don't think anybody even reads the bottom of the page so I'll ask this here too.
    If we can't have a search button,how about just making sub forums in the classifieds for each state?

    And for more bad jokes,the 12 yo down the block said he'd fix the forum for a brick of 22lr:thumbup:
  2. DieselScout

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    No need to change the format of the classifieds. Once the server problems get fixed search will be back. It just takes time.
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    Why dont you become a supporter of the site so they can get a new server sooner. its only 20 bucks to become a bronze supporter. Click on the big red letters above that say click here to read about recent issues and then donate a little or a lot. I dont know if youve donated in the past but with 4500 posts you sure use the site enough to kick back a couple bucks to help out. I recently did as have a whole bunch of others. Im sure theyd appreciate as little or as much as you can spare.
  4. rawen2

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    I suggested the same thing in the "Please click here to read about the recent issues with" thread.
    I'd guess that most members use the search function to find firearms in their home state since buying out of state FTF is illegal without going through an FFL.
    Even with a new server it would make sense to lighten the load by eliminating the search and just put each state in a separate sub-forum.
    An added bonus would be that you could search for certain types of firearms within your home state.

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