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Star blazers was a complete anomaly for American kids targeted programing. The insane success of star wars had tv execs scrambling for "space " cartoons, star blazers had the look.
It's storyline is great , Well beyond what most of us Saturday morning sugar zombies could appreciate.

I still mentally fire the "wave motion gun " at freeway traffic all the time.
Yeah, it had an overarching plot and character development, pretty heady stuff for a a kid of my age at the time. There was nothing in the States that even came close. Of course, you probably already know they did an animated remake, 2199 I think and a live action movie since then. Can't exactly recommend the live action movie, although the first wave motion gun scene is pretty whack. Also the actress that plays Yuki Mori is easy on the eyes.

I think The Rockford Files was probably my favorite. A recurring part (Lance) from an unknown fella named Tom Selleck led to my second favorite, Magnum P.l.*

Two that l haven't seen mention are Spenser: For Hire and Monty Python's Flying Circus...

*"Fun" Fact:
The Robin Masters estate property s now owned by Barack Obama. The house has been torn down so he can build another mansion. He used cutouts and shell investors to circumvent some of Hawaii's environmental restrictions regarding beachfront erosion and seawalls.
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