To prep or not to prep.

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by feetchermancj, Dec 22, 2012.

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    So i am not a prepper but I don't think preppers are crazy. I was born and raised here in oregon and since I was a kid I've spent almost all of my free time in the backcountry, never been a fan of marked trails or campsites. So although I'm not a "prepper" I have many skills and the experience to survive out in the back country if I have to. I just recently upgrade my two main backpacks. I had a 50 and a 65l Hi-tech backpack. I use larger packs because I tend to pack heavy and do a lot of winter camping which requires more gear. For the first pack I actually down sized to a 40l kelty courser for my over night/weekend fall, spring, and summer pack. And I went bigger with my 90l Kelty RedCloud That I'll use for winter/extended trip pack. I'm keeping my old packs and was thinking about making one of them into a bug out bag. Here is my dilemma. Over the years I've spend well over $1000 dollars on my backpacking gear. I don't cheap out of any of my gear. Since I keep all of my gear well stocked and maintained and stored all in the same, big *** tote, i can pack my bag in a few minutes. Would it be worth it to buy all the extra gear to save a few minutes? I'm leaning toward just using the same gear that way I don't have to spend extra $ and I can use my 90l kelty as a bug out bag. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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    Sounds to me like you're pretty set already on that front. I'd recomend having a smaller bag loaded with the sort of stuff you wouldn't normally keep stuffed in with your backpacking gear. Water, food, ammo, emergency cash, change of clothes, etc. Grab both bags on the way out and you can repack them later.

    Might also be worth keeping an eye open for good deals on used or slightly lower end but still good gear for back-ups. You might find it within your budget to start filling out a more dedicated BOB with gear that you can still use as loaners or to help get a buddy interested in going out with you.
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    Sounds like you are better prepaired than some us whom are locked in to the city and think we are.
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    You are better prepared than most, other than the above suggestions, I would ask that you consider a get home bag for when you are at work, school,church where ever because you never know what may when or where.

    Since you know woods well and stay off a lot of trails consider some below ground caches for just in case situations. And if you do not have any firearms I would suggest you invest a few because in a shtf situation there will be rovering people who have them who will want what you have.

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