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TN - Firearms in Parks -

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by RicInOR, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. RicInOR

    RicInOR Washington County Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Law or not, not going to be allowed.


    " Just remember this when you hear that elected officials have to follow the law. In practice, they pick and choose."

    " State law states that someone with a gun carry permit can bring a weapon to a state or city park, if it’s not close to a school.

    The Tennessee Valley Fair, however, is making it clear: No weapons will be allowed at the annual event, which begins Friday and runs through Sept. 20. The ban at Chilhowee Park will include permit-holders.

    The city of Knoxville and the fair operators argue the law, which Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law in April, does not apply in the case of the fair. Despite the objection of some cities, including Knoxville, lawmakers chose to over-ride local bans to keep guns out of city parks.

    According to the city, the park is an “entertainment and public assembly” facility to which the law doesn’t apply."
  2. B5Ben

    B5Ben Boise Well-Known Member

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    Concealed carry is exactly that, concealed. Nobody will know unless you need to use it, or if it falls out riding the tilt-o-whirl :eek:
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  3. Dyjital

    Dyjital Albany, Ore Flavorite Member Bronze Supporter

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    Why spend your dollars there if they don't want you?
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    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    Won't be long before copycat theatre shooters move on and start hitting State Fairs to get notoriety I suppose.
    Sounds like the kind of venue a guy could commit his evil uninterrupted.