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    I don't play cards much (I'm a contractor, I don't need to gamble!) but when I hit a particularly good run, I always toss a little something over to the dealer as kind of a thank you.

    Same thing on this site. When I had a particularly good experience selling a weapon using the free infrastructure, I figured the least I could do was grab a Bronze membership to say thanks to those who put up the free site that allowed me to connect with a cool buyer. It was way more than I could get on a trade in and it was certainly less than the consignment fees from my LGS. Overall a win-win.

    Not going to get preachy, but now that Joe has decided to do this stuff full time, if you have had a good experience buying or selling on this site, please think about tipping the dealer and becoming a paid member.
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    Once I complete a major offloading of stuff I plan to give back to the community a bit as well.

    I used to be a pro card player and would draw ire from other players for taking their money and not tipping the dealer to their satisfaction. (To be fair, I tip the dealer for keeping the game going quickly and efficiently, and for providingdecent conversation when I'm not seeing cards. Also as a penance if I ever blame them for the cards that are coming out.)

    I see this entirely different from tipping dealers as tipping the dealer doesn't help better my service from them or change my luck. Donating to this site helps it keep going and get better in the future.
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    Thanks for this, much appreciated. This is basically our usage model. We will never charge to use NWFA, we only ask that if you find it useful you make a donation. NWFA always has been and always will be free. There have certainly been months where the revenue didn't cover the expenses and I had to pay out of pocket.

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