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Time to impeach yet?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by simon99, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. simon99

    simon99 Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    So, hopefully you have been following the release and media revelations concerning the Obama administration where basically members of the armed forces have testified that Benghazi was indeed a planned terrorist attack, not a reaction to a silly video. They informed their leadership, who in turn, informed Obama that very day. However, for the next 2 weeks we as a nation were told ( by Carney, Obama and Hillary) that the attack had something to do with a YouTube video.....

    Lets see here,

    Obama has told Americans that -

    He isn't going after our guns or the Second Amendment. ( its for hunting remember?)

    Fast and Furious, huh? What's that?

    You can keep your insurance if you like?

    Obamacare, where everyone's a winner!

    Last time I checked Nixon was canned because they stole some tapes, and Billy ( The Mack) Clinton was impeached for improper cigar abuse and failed oral negotiations.....No one in either situation died, yet we have Obama and his lying minions racking up the body count.

    Is it time to ask out leadership when the impeachment proceedings are going to happen?
  2. LyleLovett666

    LyleLovett666 Seattle Active Member

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    A two party system where all the pigs feed from the same trough. Who's gonna shut down their own money making machine?
  3. rufus

    rufus State of Jefferson Well-Known Member

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    Way past due. The regime is untouchable.
  4. Michael Js

    Michael Js Greater Seattle, WA Active Member

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    Totally agree on both counts! :(
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