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Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by Kimber Custom, Jun 5, 2011.

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    At home I practice draw and dry fire and at the range I try to do low ready to shoot but most ranges I go to don't let me put it all together. Went to a range today that allowed holster draws. Man was I bad. :shy: Definantly time for another class.
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    At least you practice.
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    Then people wonder why I don't like to go to organized ranges...I realize why they have rules like this (to mitigate liability) but sometimes I think the range rules are the liberals putting restrictions on my firearm rights.

    There are caliber restrictions, "rapid fire" restrictions, they prohibit drawing from the holster training....BAH! I realize that Mall Ninja tards jump on their ranges, bump fire a magazine (hitting everything but the target) and flag the world with their firearm in the process, but why not just ban that guy from returning? Why not just pick and choose who comes in? I mean if I owned a range, I sure as heck wouldn't yell at Jerry Miculek for breaking my range rules!


    I digress...just practice in your home with no bullets in. Start out SLOW...make sure you get every move down. Grab, unlock, pull, take of SAFE, present, bring the pistol up while simultaneously brining your support hand to the firearm, aim and fire.

    Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

    This video is probably the best I've seen...although I disagree with his technique to clear the coat (that's just me) and I would never wear a vest (that just screams "I HAVE A GUN!" to me).

    Once you get the above down, it will start to become natural (as muscle memory sets in).

    Oh and lastly- just a tip. If you own ANY PISTOLS that have a MANUAL EXTERNAL SAFETY that you EVER CARRY. Then THIS IS THE GUN I WOULD PRACTICE WITH.

    After shooting my Glocks and my XD over and over- when I went to my 1911 to carry I realized that my muscle memory wasn't developed to manipulate the safety at all...so I had to place my 1911 back in the safe to carry when I built up the skill to take it off of SAFE. Remember, in stress you will do exactly what you practice doing the most...so if after you reload your gun, you take the empty magazine and put it in your pouch/pocket (instead of dropping it on the ground) then that is exactly what you will do in a shootout.

    So train as you fight!
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    My first Practical Pistol Class made me realize that my soft case holster was absolutely horrible for drawing out of. Then try and re-holster one handed, forget about it! The 1911 won't fire with the safety ON (doesn't MY GUN know what I want it to do?) Changing magazines actually takes practice, lots of practice.
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    I use Clark Rifles range, but also have found a spot up above Washougal where I can go to shoot "more tactically". There's a rock pit up there that many people use, but I go to a spot where there is slash on the hillside, and we can shoot out to almost 250 meters with a hillside background.

    We did a "family shoot" in June of last year; will again after I get home. We set up our own targets & run our own scenarios: I note lots of spent brass (rifle/pistol/shotgun), so I'm not the only one who has discovered this spot.
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    Drive 2.5 hours south and you can take some fantastic courses at Oregon Firearms Academy. I've taken 3 handgun courses and this weekend I am doing an AR class. You will have a top notch learning experience.

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