Tilted cross-hair on an Osprey scope.

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Tivan636, May 10, 2011.

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    Is this normal at all? I just bought this scope on Amazon. The cross-hair is tilted slightly to the left of my turret. Is there a fix for this or does it matter at all? I have other scopes and I don't have that problem with them. Can someone give me some input? Should I send the scope back?
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    It's basically only a problem if it bothers you to have the turret controls off center to compensate for the recticle being improperly mounted when the scope was built. It is possible, when you start shooting with the scope mounted, that the recticle could start moving around if it is mounted loosely in the scope body.

    If the scope has a warranty, I personally would send it in for replacement / repair as that should have been caught in QC before being shipped from the manufacturer.
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    On all my scopes I check them at the range using a nice tall target. Take a piece of cardboard 4' or so in height, draw a line vertically, and set it up at 100 yards using a plumb bob to make sure the vertical line is just that, vertical.

    At the bottom of the line put a target spot and zero the rifle for 100 yards using this spot. Then crank up the elevation about 3" (a 1/4"per click @100 yards scope would be 12 clicks) and shoot 3 rounds. Repeat until you have raised your point of impact 24" or so. If the shot groups are "tracking" with your center, vertical line, then just accept that the reticle is "canted". If not, adjust by rotating the scope and repeating the test in order to bring the vertical string to vertical.

    While performing this test it's best to use an anti-cant level like B-Square or US Optics to make sure YOU are not causing the problem by canting your rifle to the left or right just to make it more comfortable in your shoulder.

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