(Thunder Sabre 502) .50 Cal Rifle (ACP) Semi-Automatic My First.

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    My 1st posted ad so, bear with me...


    Made in Newberg, Oregon by Cloud Mt. Armory
    Approximately 8 years old
    Like New and Solidly Built
    I think it is more of a collector item but can be used for whatever

    Approximately 8.8 lbs.
    16 3/4" Satin Barrel / 35" overall length
    Carry Handle w/Mounted 4 X 30 NcStar Illuminated Rubber Armored Scope
    Iron Sites - (Adjustable Rear)
    (3) - 10 Round Magazines, (They were $90.00 each)
    The ACP Round has 7.62 Head and of course the case and round itself is 50 Cal.
    Storage compartment in the butt of the stock
    Comes with a full color instruction manual that is put together very well!

    I put about 50 rounds through it.
    Approximately 40 rounds go with it
    You can also buy the brass, primers, bullets and reloading dies

    Not looking to trade for anything!

    Can post your interest here or E-Mail me at DemonNova@gmail.com


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