WTS/WTT OR Three Bows With Extras SOLD

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    Bow #1 is a 30 pound weight, 62" recurve takedown made by Bullseye. I have the fingertip glove and the wrist guard, an old bowstring and also the string that's used to bend the bow for stringing it up.

    Bow #2 is a child's fiberglass recurve. Just a basic little practice bow for kids.

    Bow #3 is a child's compound bow, about 36". (It says "Robin Hood" on it.) If my memory is correct, the maximum weight on this one is around 40 pounds but can be adjusted. The attachable sights for it are around here somewhere. If I can find them, they'll go with the bow. This is the one my son used when he was in 4H. Includes a quiver and some arrows, two small-sized fingertip gloves and one small-sized wrist protector.

    I have two very simple, homemade "bow racks" that mount on the wall, to keep all this stuff stowed. You can have them for a handshake.

    The whole shebang is probably worth between $200 and $300. I figure a crisp $100 bill is a fair price for the lot. But if you have something interesting to offer in trade, let's talk.

    Shoot me a text at 503-510-6486 if you want some pictures.
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