This website is a great resource for firearms enthusiasts, but I have one gripe with the way posting is set up, where I need to put upper case letters to have an abbreviation or name spelled correctly and the post automatically reverts to lower cased letters. This is very annoying and I wanted to ask the creators of this forum if anything is being done to remedy this particular issue? A couple examples for me are when I tried to post CZ P01 and SIG P229, and it got changed to Cz p01 and Sig p229, where it just loses emphasis and isn't true to firearm nomenclature.
Done! I've disabled, so we'll see how it goes ;)
Weird...looking back on some of my listings as well as others, I see many that have not been changed. SP101, MIII, whatever the case may be I see capitals together. Maybe the program just doesn't like you???....:s0114:
It was set to lowercase all but the first letter if there were more than 3 characters. Not sure why it wouldn't have changed MIII.

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