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Thoughts On The Final Gun Grab

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by spengo, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. spengo

    spengo GLORIOUS CASCADIA Active Member

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  2. Mason3379

    Mason3379 Oregon City Active Member

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    I find the ties interesting!
  3. xjjeeper223

    xjjeeper223 Medford Active Member

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    As long as people want guns, companies will be around to build them and sell them. (Assuming they aren't outlawed.)

    What im saying is, if someone buys a handful of companies and shuts them down overnight, that will just make more rooms for expansion of existing companies and the birth of new ones.
  4. hefftuck

    hefftuck the Specific Northwest Member

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    there are too many privately owned guns to make a gun grab practical at this point, americans won't stand for it, period
  5. Pogue_Mahone

    Pogue_Mahone Eugene, OR Active Member

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    F NO! We're Americans! We got guns and s*@%!
  6. Celtic Armory

    Celtic Armory Port Orchard, WA Member

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    Americans will stand for almost anything. All government needs is to get a higher percentage of people hating guns than liking. But I think the government would have to make a multi pronged attack. While I do find it disturbing that one person has taken control of 5 of the largest firearms/accessories manufacturers, that alone wouldn't spell the end of firearms in America. But if the government had cooperative people owning those businesses and then passed sweeping legislation to outlaw firearms and their special accessories, the manufactures could quickly comply. It would stop all future sales and make it easier for the government to work on the confiscation side. By making things like registration mandatory and pulling all the 4473 records, they could track down at least half if not three fourths of the legal firearms. Then with snitch programs they could get gun haters to snitch on those who have not turned them in.

    It's not all that far fetched, after all, England and Australia did it. With the large influx of socialist and communist third world 'immigrants' who already have a loathing of firearms and a desire for a socialist system, it's easy to get them on board with the communist re-engineering of our nation.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
  7. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    California's attempt at banning "assault weapons" was instructive. The people responded by simply ignoring the order, and the state government was caught with its pants down, utterly unable to do a thing to punish a million of its citizens.

    How much more difficult would it be to enforce such an order in the hollows of Arkansas and the mountains of Idaho? There's NFW.

    When you watch the news, when you listen to terror alerts, when you wonder about the eggs you eat, for pete's sake, you're being sold FEAR. That's the only tool that the overseers have to use against the masses. A few symbolic prosecutions (or persecutions), and the rest of the monkeys run for the trees. In China they say, "Kill one to warn one hundred."
  8. pioneer461

    pioneer461 Columbia County, Oregon Active Member

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    In order to do so, the government would have to come up with a "national crisis," declare martial law and suspend the Constitution. There will be a certain number of gun owners who will obey their masters and follow the rest of the sheep to slaughter. But as for the rest of us, if there is an attempt to do so, to borrow from the movie title; "There Will Be Blood."
  9. elsullo

    elsullo Portland Oregon New Member

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    A decade or so ago there was a terrible college massacre done with a Ruger Mini-14 in Canada. In the ensuing uproar all "assault weapons" with large magazine capability were outlawed and citizens instructed to surrender them. Local law enforcement agencies were tasked with rounding up the registered ones.

    The Canadians universally ignored this new law. If I remember right only a hundred or so guns were turned in. Every single law enforcement agency stated that they did not have any budget funds available for any confiscation efforts, and would not do it. A couple of Western Canada provinces literally enacted their own laws repudiating the national law.

    The prohibition law is still on the books and severely limits the new guns that Canadians can buy. But nothing was accomplished as far as seizing the old guns already in public possession---the people simply did not stand for it.

    I'd expect a similar experience here in the USA if Washington DC ever tried it..............................elsullo
  10. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    And if you read the news the gov't is already doing that! Prosecuting private sellers for selling a handgun to an illegal alien (who had a Texas drivers license). The illegal almost immediately handed the gun to a friend so they also got the seller for a straw purchase violation. The illegals involved are walking free, the American citizen is doing 2 years in jail.

    Your BATF and tax $$ at work

    NRA Benefactor/Recruiter
    WAC member
    ACSWW member
  11. keystir

    keystir Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    No bonus points for me. Another wacky, ridiculous, crackpot theory meant to stir up hatred of... I guess Jews.
  12. trainsktg

    trainsktg Portland OR Well-Known Member

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    The ties are certainly interesting, but in and of themselves prove nothing. Mentioning 'Zionist' more than once tells me everything I need to know about the author's viewpoint.

  13. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Another anti-semite conspiracy theorist. :nuts:
  14. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    Jesus H Christ!

    .....was a Jew.

    Thread closed.
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