Thoughts on primary arms optics.....?

I am looking for a decent scope for my bolt 308 but there are so many options from $150 to 3k. My budget is up to $700ish but I kinda like the PA 4-14 with the accs retical but I have never owned one of their scopes . Any one care to share their experiences with PA and have any other suggestions ?



Got a couple on a few different things.

I’m not a huge fan of built in ballistic drop reticles (ACCS) unless you are only using the ammo they say you should. It is an exact math regardless of how they market it. So unless you are using the same barrel length and bullet weight and velocity as they did, as well as scope height, you will be close, but not exact.

They have a Grid reticle however that is really nice. That would be my recommendation if going with PA. I have this one on two guns, it in theory has a ballistic drop as you can use the hash marks to calculate your own bullet weight/scope height/velocity combo.

At your budget however, you can get a better optic with Vortex I’d say. Something like the HS LR would work well and is priced around your budget.
I have two. One is the ACSS HUD (or whatever they call their gee-whiz scope reticle) The other is a mil/mil reticle/turrets.
The first I bought for from a NWFA member in a FTF for $200. FFP, 4-14. Nails the tracking test (Move 10 clicks up + 10 clicks right / 20 clicks down / 20 clicks left / 20 clicks up / 10 clicks right + 10 clicks down.) Comes right back to zero.
Keeps zero when changing the zoom level. Has held zero for years.

The 2nd came on a rifle I bought from a NWFA member. Has worked so well, see no reason to replace it.

IMO, an excellent value for the money. The Leupold VX-3i, which can be had for close to $300, is also a superb option.
The ACSS might get you “close enough” depending on target distance and size of target, but you have to realize that reticle is made for targets the average size and speed of a human male. As others have said. Unless you pick a loading that matches their load exactly, it won’t be perfect.

I do find their scopes to be a tremendous value, I would consider looking at their 4x14 mil dot or moa scope. The reason why is you could create your own dope chart and it would be right on target.


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I've been looking at a couple of PA scopes for my .308 piston AR setup. One of the things I like about PA is that they listen to their customers, then make improvements based on what they hear and release products that target those people. I can think of a lot of scope manufacturers that seems to be rather out of touch with their customer base and are riding on their name to continue making sales.

I'm curious what people think of the current crop of reticles that PA is offering. I'm hesitant to buy any reticle that is specific to a certain bullet with a certain load, travelling at a certain speed. While it's cool to not have to dial, there's something to be said about versatility.

I'm digging these reticles: RGrid-2B, Griffin-Mil and Athena-Mil

I might be picking up an RGrid-2B. It's just basic Mil dots with holds for wind and elevation in a "Christmas Tree" type layout. On top there is a semi-circle/chevron tip. I want something that will allow me to make consistent hits up to 600 yards and be reasonably predictable beyond that. Their GLx4 series looks great, the turrets seem excellent and the glass is reportedly great for the money. All for about $700


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