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Thoughts on LaserLyte's side mount laser for LC9.

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by nwjimmy, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. nwjimmy

    nwjimmy pdx New Member

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    I picked up one of these on a recommendation from a friend for my ccw, ruger lc9.
    I found one relative cheap online and it arrived pretty quickly. It was easy to install (see link LaserLyte LC9 Laser CK-AMF9 - YouTube) and pretty much good to go out of the packaging.
    The power button is easy to access. You can switch the laser from constant on to flashing. It also has a 5 minute auto shut off.
    I haven't taken it to the range just yet but I have noticed a couple differences that I'm not too sure I like.
    This laser mounts to the side, above the trigger. I was taught to rest my index finger above the trigger and only on the trigger when firing. With the side mounted laser, my natural resting position blocks the laser and i have to slide my index lower in order to unblock the laser.
    Also, with the side mount, it does increase the width (girth?) of the weapon. One of the reasons I like the lc9 is that it is relatively thin and relatively easy to conceal.
    I had considered getting the lasermax centerfire but didn't like the idea of having to get a new holster. However, I'm reconsidering as I'm not too sure I like the added width of the side mounted laser.

    So, I wondering if anyone else has installed the side mounted laser and what their thoughts are.
  2. Allfat

    Allfat Marion County Active Member

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    I do not have the side mounted laser, but I do have a crimson trace on a LCP and some opinions about laser use in general.

    My first experience with a Crimson Trace was in a gun shop quite a while ago. I was looking at used guns and the gun clerk was handing me a bunch one after another to try in my hand. I kept aiming at the wall to see how the gun fit my hand. The next gun I picked up I aimed at the wall and a laser dot appeared. I had not noticed that it had a laser on it until I saw the dot, but I was successful in activating the laser without even knowing it was there. Personally, I think that this is the only way to have a laser on a weapon because in high stress situations where a laser is needed, you often times do not have time to even think about activating a laser. (I also feel this way about safety's on guns, but that is another discussion for another thread...)

    Now, for training purposes like dry-fire flinch practice, or anything other than a self-defense scenario, then any laser you choose is fine. Even the cheap ones that just slide onto a rail.