A big, heavy subsonic from a short-barreled AR10 platform. Its kinda cool but there aren’t a helluva lotta uses for subsonic rifles. I do have a few .300 BLK SBRs to play with, but at least they can switch between subs for giggles and supers for serious with ease, and reloading them is cheap n easy. I don’t see a good niche for 8.6 BLK, aside from sneaky CQB, maybe.
To be candid, I'd be hard pressed to think of any newer rifle cartridge that did anything for me. Is this one better than the rest? In some niche I would assume so, but I can't muster any interest. Though, admittedly, I don't shoot rifles as much as I used to.
IM still pondering on getting a AR in 224 Val...
Idk about this one. I have one, wish I could report but from what ive heard its not great... Well for reloading. If you just buying factory ammo it might be decent, but rumors abound about 2-3 firings till flash holes are blown out/weak brass. Its not high on my list to test out.
I'm eagerly waiting news. I think it shows promise. I'm not a fan of .300 blk out, but that's proven to be fairly popular cartridge.
This is made by the same guy (the owner of Q) who I trust to know his stuff.
The primary principal is your adding forward velocity to "rotational velocity" early reports are its a shredder. They say they have hunted every big African game with it that's legal and everything just drops DRT.
I'm fairly tired and weary of new stuff, hut this one is unique enough that I think it will compete. IIRC they offer super sonic loads too. Its not just sub sonic. I have also been interested in the tepo jitsu 338 spectre I think it is. Lead taco has some very interesting videos on that and its insane how quiet it is.
That round is kinda the same thing without the crazy fast twist. Its a necked down 10mm magnum.
Obviously not a direct comparison but similar. I like the 8.3 format better than using a pistol case.

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