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Thoughts on .22lr...

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Reindeer, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Reindeer

    Reindeer Curry County New Member

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    Simple questions... what is your favorite .22lr round for semi-auto? What applications do you like to use it for?
  2. 2gr8dgs

    2gr8dgs oregon Active Member

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    I used to shoot remingtons 525 pack "golden bullet" in all my 22's. then, when we had the ammo shortage a bit ago, its seemed to me & my buddies that their quality went into the toilet. I have since made the switch to the time tested cci mini-mag solids. they are a little more spendy, but it's worth it to not have to deal with dud rounds.
  3. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    I sure do like the CCI Velocitors. If pure speed is your goal look at Aquila 30gr which travel about 1700 fps. for good accuracy and performance at a little slower speed (around 1400) fps, the Velocitors are great. About 3" or so drop at 100 yards. With a BC of just over "1" they fly pretty nice.

    I use mine in a 10-22 for Can's, Rats, Crows, and an occasional Golf Ball.
  4. JackThompson

    JackThompson Valley of the Demons Well-Known Member

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    I have a few boxes of the golden bullets. Only shot about 150 so far in my 10/22, but no duds yet.

    CCI velocitors huh? Can I fire those in the 10/22? Can I fire Mini-mags? (New to the 10/22 scene and 22's overall)
  5. Throckmorton

    Throckmorton Florence,Ore ah gone Well-Known Member

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    american eagle is very consistant over my chronograph,usull less than 25fps variance. cci minimags are a close second.AE's are cheaper than MM's,and shoot good in my guns. all other bulk ammo not even close,at least the ones I tested.
  6. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    I've found that my 10-22 shoots just about anything in .22 LR. Even some rounds that leave so much soot behind one might think they're loaded with powdered coal. Just buy yourself a .22cal Bore Snake and a spray can of CLR. A fun rifle even if you don't pimp it out, making it into either an assault weapon look alike or a superaccurate .22 target rifle. Best $125 I ever spent and that was a LOONG time ago.
  7. Capn Jack

    Capn Jack Wet-Stern Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Accuracy...but cost is a factor too.

    So far, my DPMS Bull Barrel seems to like a dirty barrel
    and Armscor HV, 36gr. HP's. :huh:

    One inch groups at 50yds is as good as I can do.
    The rifle may do better.:thumbup:

  8. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Been shooting CCI Mini Mag hollowpoints in most of my .22's (auto and otherwise) as my preferred cartridge for a number of years. They are more accurate than most high-velocity HP's, coupled with easy obtainability (as opposed to the good Federal Hi-Power HP's: not the bulk-packed ones). Media testing (water jugs, dry layered paper, wet layered paper) also shows these bullets to reliably expand all the time (not to be said for the majority of other HP offerings). Night hunting for 'coon has demonstrated repeatedly that this bullet will mushroom perfectly and stay just inside the brain pan of a big 'coon at about 40 feet up a tree.

    I have not had good luck with the "Hyper-Velocity" stuff, as far as accuracy goes (Stingers, Yellow Jackets, etc.). Honestly, though, I have not tried Velocitors. I will have to pick up a box and try them. My accuracy testing for Long Rifle ammo is at 50 yards (a practical range for the cartridge in a hunting setting).

    The CCI Mini Mags also seem to be a "clean" loading. Reduces grit in the action, fouling in the barrel, etc.
  9. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    This, also fan of CCI mini mags for target shooting.
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  10. Twodogs

    Twodogs portland Or Active Member

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    W_W powerpoint for hunting and CCI -SV for target shooting.Wolf match for serious target shooting.
    I shoot a full blown custom 10-22 and two savage bolt gun's.
    Also been shooting CCI-quite ammo for back yard varmit control.
  11. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I have about 5000 blazers because most of my 22s shoot it OK and a couple shoot it very good.
    But most 22s have a certain type of ammo they like.Doesn't always work that you can shoot 1 type in all your 22s and be happy with it. Most can be finicky
  12. Abiqua

    Abiqua Oregon Active Member

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    Favorite is SK Jagd Standard Plus, same ammo as Wolf Match Target, made by Lapua. Very clean, very accurate, runs in every gun I've tried it in. Excellent for suppressed shooting as it stays subsonic in my 16" rifle barrel. Heck it even smells good due to the Eley primer. Can be hard to find and is a bit pricey.

    My go to is CCI Standard Velocity. Also stays subsonic in my 16" barrel, reasonably priced and readily available locally, also runs very well in all my guns. Not as clean or quiet as the SK Jagd but half the price.
  13. Silver Hand

    Silver Hand Southern Oregon Coast Well-Known Member

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    Remington Target - Standard velocity. Use for target shooting accuracy in quality Firearms and competition shooting.

    CCI Stingers for killing.

    Plinking- Anything inexpensive for pistol shooting tin cans and plinking rifle targets including eggs out to 100 yards. Some brands have been great others not so great.