Thompson Long Range Shooting School 30-378 WBY

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    Anyone know anything about these rifles that they build for $3900? I was looking at taking the course and I'm curious about the rifle that we will be using.
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    Here are some of their video's

    I have a fundamental dissagreement with the way they go about the long range shooting.... obviously it works but I would be wary of BDC reticles for a long range shooting course... I'd much rather have them teach the traditional turret adjustments and allow one (once sufficently experienced) to use a BDC reticle or turret or whatever one decides but only after they understand the atmospheric effects of trajectory (most importantlly baromentric pressure and elevation... they are actually the same effect). A BDC reticle is only accurate in one condition range... and experienced long range shooter would be able to compensate for other conditions as Mark Thompson probably does himself. I'm sure he's very capable and probably an excellent teacher. The cartridge they're using has about as flat a trajectory as is possible to 1000yds allowing for range error (a big plus for BDC reticle). They are more or less skirting the "issues" of shooting long range, rather than teaching you to over come them.

    I'd recommend Shawn Carlock's (Defensive Edge) shooting class.... I haven't taken it but I know the guy does it right and he shoots competition as well (you have to do it right in competition).

    I doubt the rifles they're building are worth $3900. They look like factory weatherby's with possibly an aftermarket barrel. You could contact Thompson Long Range to find out. I'd recommend you contact Benchmark Barrels (360) 652-2594 They can build you an increadably accurate rifle with ALL the bells an whistles (inclucing a custom action) and still beat the above price. If you are on a budget there are good options they can help you with as well. If you have a good Savage or Remington to start off with you could build a great rifle for way less.

    Here's one with all the bells and whistles I reviewed:
    I'd recommend using a better cartridge than 308 win.

    If you're really serious about learning to shoot long range send me a PM.

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