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    Blued frame, 10" blue Bull barrel in 45 colt with iron sites
    15" Stainless bull barrel in 357/44 Bain and Davis with Nikon 2x scope.
    Hornady dies with Lee universal expander die and 357/44 data from the Bain and Davis shop
    2 wood grips, 1 Pacemire Decelorator grip, 1 wood and 1 plastic fore grip.
    Comes with a couple hundred loaded rounds, extra bullets and cases including 100 used 45 Colt cases
    I figure the value to be in the $500 dollar range so trades around that value. Things I'm interested in are: 1911's, left handed rifles, Ruger Blackhawk in .41 mag, lever guns in 45 Colt or 45/70. Or other interesting trades.

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