Thompson Contender 45-70

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    Hi, I have a very nice original style "cougar" Contender blued with nice aftermarket wood grip and fore-end plus an original wood/rubber grip. The gun has a "Super 14" barrel in 45-70 with a factory muzzle break. This gun has ALOT of power. The barrel is in very nice shape inside and out, and it has a Leupold 2x pistol scope in Leupold rings and mount. The entire package is in very nice condition with only very minor pressure dings etc. no big chips or scratches. I will sell this one of four ways:

    -entire package with frame, barrel, both grips, owners manual, Leupold scope, & RCBS dies for $500

    -without scope for $400

    -Barrel only for $200

    -Barrel, scope, rings, mounts, & dies for $350

    OR, I might trade +/- cash for: a 16" or longer Contender barrel in .22hornet, K-hornet, .218bee, or .221 fireball, a different rifle in the same calibers as well as .222 , Ruger, S&W, or Colt revolvers, american made 1911, older Remington short-action 700, heavy barreled Savage, Howa, Remington 700,well modified large ring Mauser or Winchester 70 in .308, 260,6.5creedmore, 6.5x284, 6.5-06,6.5x55, 7x57,M1A, 50bmg, lever action in .45colt, Glock23, Glock30, Browning HiPower, AR or other carbine in a pistol caliber, AK47, AR15, Mini14, or ?

    Please call for more info 503-703-2874 I can't get pictures to load but I CAN email them I live in North Central Oregon about 35 miles southeast of The Dalles but I make it into Portland every couple weeks, and Bend about once a month.
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