This weekends sale is brought to you by the letter G

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    This coming weekend it is all about Ghillie Suits and Glocks. (Plus a few more good things.)

    Prices set low for some great ghillie suits in Mossy Oak Break Up, Open Country, and Backwoods. Only $45 a set sizes Medium or Large. Need an X-Large? It can be ordered for $50 and arrive next week.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
    5.jpg 6.jpg

    Glocks rock. New in case I have three 9MM models all Gen4 in G26 $500, and G19s $550, both models are under minimum prices for NWF members. Each comes with three magazines. Pictures are stock, you all know what new glock look like.



    Nothing like the letter G, but great for Mother's Day to ensure you are the favorite for years to come is the most beautiful Walther you or she may have ever seen. It could perfectly match your late 50's Chevrolet or the box her necklace came in at Christmas. Only $375 for this PK380 new in box, this is a hard to beat price in this color anywhere.

    Looking forward to helping you with some great deals this weekend, please PM with any questions.
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