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This site

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Oregonhunter5, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Oregonhunter5

    Oregonhunter5 2C IDAHO Well-Known Member

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    Please understand, I enjoy this site. It's education, helpful, mostly decent folks.
    Here's my question.
    Why is it so slow?
    As an example.
    Ifish.net is twice as fast.
    Just curious.
  2. accessbob

    accessbob Molalla, OR 2A Supporter

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    Speed of the forum can be highly dependent upon who is hosting the site and how beefy their computers are and how much bandwidth they have.
  3. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    Some of the ads coming from other servers are really slow at times.
  4. DireWolf

    DireWolf Oregon Active Member

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    Ads are likely a huge drain, and with several containing changinf graphics/animation, there is constant loading of data. Add in other factors, and there you go.
  5. 308

    308 ΜOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ΜOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Silver Supporter

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    Depends on your internet connection I guess. Everything loads fast for me using Frontier FIOS
  6. Heidland

    Heidland SW Washington Active Member

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    This really depends on several factors, your connection, processing speed, and anti-virus/firewall are chief among them. As a person that designs and hosts websites and has done inumerable VB forums for clients on both shared and dedicated spaces I run into this occasionally. Most often with users from Verizon. While it would be difficult to diagnose the exact issue without being able to remotely access the computer that you're having the slowness with, give this a try.

    Click on the windows logo or start button in the bottom left side of your screen. If you need to click RUN, or just type cmd.exe into the field you see there. When the little black window opens type this:

    ping northwestfirearms.com. This will create a report for you that looks like this:

    Since there are 1,000ms in 1 second you can see my response time from the host of the site is pretty fast. That doesn't speak to load time, just the time it takes to connect and receive an answer back. For load time, if you have FireFox, you can get a plug-in named LORI. That's geekspeek for 'Life Of Request', and is how those of us that design and manage websites double check load-speed issues.

    LORI will tell you the time it takes your browser to access the first byte of information from a website (1.042 S for this site) through the time a page is completely loaded (2.105 S). If, at anything over a 1M connection you are having more than 3 S to load a page there is either something with your connection or specific client that is preventing the page load quickly, or there are too many large object server requests on that page.

    As far as VB forums go, this one loads more quickly (for me) than most of the other's I interact with :)
  7. Unka-Boo

    Unka-Boo Milwaukie Active Member

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    It's all the tinfoil....scrambles the signal.
  8. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    I have the exact opposite with ifish, all the flashing, mind numbing advertising.....

    This sight goes POP at the click of the mouse, Iadvertise.net takes 2-4 seconds, sometimes more.