This is what is in the works for California we are next

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    California: Two Anti-Gun Bills that will have a Serious Affect on Semi-Automatic Firearms have been Introduced

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    California: Two Anti-Gun Bills that will have a Serious Affect on Semi-Automatic Firearms have been Introduced
    On Thursday, January 14, California’s NRA-PVF “F”-rated Attorney General, Kamala Harris, announced her support of freshman Assemblymember David Chiu’s introduction of Assembly Bill 1663 in a press release. AB 1663 would expand the classification of “assault weapons” to include all detachable magazine semi-automatic rifles and any rifle that uses a “bullet button.1” Gun owners who possess these firearms would be required to register them as “assault weapons” or face potential felony penalties, arrest, and confiscation of the firearm. AB 1663 will also ban the future sale of these firearms.

    On the same day, NRA-PVF “F”-rated Assemblymembers Marc Levine and Phil Ting introduced a second anti-gun bill, Assembly Bill 1664. AB 1664 would ban the use of a “bullet button.”

    The use of a “bullet button” currently keeps semi-automatics with detachable magazines from being classified as an “assault weapon.” In banning the use of a “bullet button” the possessor will now have possession of what California law considers an “assault weapon.” With this being said, the possessor will have to register that firearm as an “assault weapon” or face potential felony penalties, arrest, and confiscation of the firearm. AB 1664 will also ban the future sale of these firearms.

    The explanation of registration in both bills means paying a registration fee and completing a registration form that contains:

    • A description of the firearm and unique identifiers;
    • The date the firearm was acquired
    • The name and address of the individual from whom, or business from which the firearm was acquired;
    • Registrant’s full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and;
    • California driver’s license number or California identification card number.
    These bills are detrimental to the Golden State’s law-abiding gun owners, which number in the hundreds of thousands. They would turn legally-owned semi-automatic firearms into what California law defines as an “assault weapon.” These same firearms are used in hunting, competitive shooting and for general legal use throughout the United States.

    Assemblymembers David Chiu, Marc Levine, and Phil Ting must hear from all of California’s Second Amendment supporters opposing these erroneous bills. It is IMPERATIVE for you to forward this CRITICAL alert to your family, friends, fellow sportsmen, gun owners, and Second Amendment supports.

    Contact information can be found below.

    Assemblymember David Chiu (D-17)

    (916) 319-2017

    Contact page

    Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-10)

    (916) 319-2010

    Contact page

    Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-19)

    (916) 319-2019

    Contact page

    1 Abullet button is a device used to permanently fix a magazinein a semiautomatic rifle that was originally built to accept a detachable magazine in order to comply withCalifornia’s current gun laws. A “bullet button” replaces the magazine release with a block and the user needs to remove the magazine by using a tool. The name came about due to a 1999 California State law which said that a "bullet or ammunition cartridge is considered a tool."


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    And the left always says we don't want to take your guns we believe in common sense 2A that will change the day comes when all the guns are registered so they know where to get them. Period

    I am really starting to understand when the phrase is said "Liberalism is a mental disease" what that means, Lies, Lies and the destruction of Liberty.
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    Isn't this similar to the Connecticut law??? Where they got less than 5% registration????

    I'm glad I've sold all my detachable magazine rifles....
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    The California gun owners won't comply anyway.
    They didn't the last time this type of registration went thru,they won't now.
    I joke with everyone about Californians but their gun owners are the same as the rest of us and against theses laws.
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    I predict a rise in tragic boating accidents if these pass.
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