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This guy's my hero!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by U201492, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. U201492

    U201492 Well-Known Member

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    "Civil disobedience is obedience to God!" if I correctly remember the quote from Tom Jefferson.

    There's the passive 340,000 gun owners in Connecticut who refuse to turn in their rifles.

    Then you've got Kent State- 4 dead, by the National Guard.

    Then you've got right in the middle where the police get a kick right in the pants:

    Roger Pion, Man Accused Of Crushing Police Cars, Found Incompetent To Stand Trial

    Now, they say he's "not mentally fit to stand trial" and I think that's a lie. I lived in that region for awhile- 3 years- and while I'm no expert by any means, by putting him on the stand would also mean a review of police proceedures- something that would make most police Senior Officers squirm and get fired over. Stuffing him into the mental hospital means there's no reviews anywhere except at the state level- and they'll sweep it under the rug.
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