Other State This Colorado sheriff is willing to go to jail rather than enforce a proposed gun law

Another excerpt from the article:
"The push for legislation followed the death of Zack Parrish, the 29-year-old Douglas County sheriff's deputy killed in 2017 by a man with an arsenal of weapons who authorities said had a history of bizarre behavior, including threats to police."

Why do they need a special red flag law to take the guns away from someone who has threatened people? Isn't threatening someone already a crime?
Much respect for the Sheriff, but the fascist Polis will have no problem making an example of the guy.. The Communists (who people call Democrats for some reason) already are aware of the rebellious Sheriffs and can probably find a means to appoint Sheriffs under Emergency Declarations from Denver and Boulder counties who will serve their purposes. And, unless the Sheriff plans to get into an armed confrontation with the National Guard, State Police and other agents who serve the Governor, they won't need to arrest the Sheriff. They will detain him, strip him of his office, drop any charges and say to him "Sayonara Sucker, Have a Nice Life". Adolf Hitler didn't meet much resistance and installed leaders to his liking, would it be so hard for Governor Polis to do the same? Of course, maybe the Sheriff would be willing to engage in an armed confrontation with the Colorado government? WHOOOAA.. Hello Civil War Part II.. o_O

An interesting article that shows the kind of power Governors can wield to Sheriffs who do not meet up to their expectations. Here is an article that talks about Florida Governor Rick DeSantis forcefully removing Sheriff Scott Israel from office after he refused to step down after the shooting at the high school in Parkland, FL. Just imagine the power that Governor Polis will wield from a bunch of Sheriffs refusing to follow orders from the Governor enforced by judges of the highest Colorado courts.

Florida Governor Replaces Broward Sheriff, Citing 'Incompetence'

One of the reasons (there was others) I left the Pacific Northwest was because of the fascist decrees that were being implemented in these states. When I came to Colorado, the Republicans still had the majority of the Senate. Now that the American Communist Party has taken control of both houses in the Colorado State government it is time for me to pack my bags and get the hell out of here. I've decided that I will probably move back to the Southeast. It was a mistake to come to Colorado and I should have saw the storm on the horizons with all the commies and liberals moving to this state. Denver, at one time, was considered live-and-let-live; but now, it is overrun with all the ultra commie fascist liberals you would have in San Francisco and other police states. I've been attacked ,ridiculed and insulted several times for being a capitalist, pro-gun and against communism and open immigration/borders here. I thought coming to Denver I would escape the mentality of the fascists in Seattle/Portland who shove their views down your throat and will even potentially try to harm or even kill you if you disagree with their political views.

Being that my ancestors had their guns forcefully taken from them in Europe under Extreme Risk Protection Orders, I know I don't want to encounter the same thing. This COlorado ERPO law is the worst of all the ERPO laws we have ever seen. There is literally no Due Process and even non-relatives, like long-term acquaintances can go to the law and make a plea to have your guns removed and there is litearlly nothing you can do about it. Do you really think some frantic ex-friend who hates your guts now and runs to the police saying you are a crazy gun nut will not be believed and given the benefit of the doubt? This whole act is a just a ploy to destroy the 2nd Amendment and these Communist cockroaches are finding every type of legal loophole possible.

Since I am Jewish, I am already probably considered an Extreme Risk to the Communist Party. For example, the Communist Ilhan Omar claimed that we Jews are very dangerous and control the politicians with our "Benjamins". It wouldn't surprise me if people feel threatened that I am an ethnicity and practice a religion that may be considered too risky for gun ownership. Since the government picks and chooses who is now allowed to own a gun and who is an "EXTREME RISK" , do I really want to stick around and wait until they come knocking on my door with body armor and fully auto rifles pointed at my face? Is this the first time this has happened to people in my family? Nope.. The Jews in Germany/Austria were disarmed under the same type of unconstitutional decrees.

As much as I hope this can be challenged in Supreme Court and struck down, I just don't see that happening. An armed rebellion probably will be the only solution to the Communists trying to dissolve the Constitution. Basically, the same means of defending the Constitution in 1776 will be what is needed to defend the Constitution today.

Colorado is just going to deteriorate into a fascist police state. There has been some hope from what we see in California, but I am not keeping my hopes up.

I actually liked North Carolina more than Colorado and kind of regret moving here anyway. I'd rather live in a state where my voice means something and my vote counts. My vote will be much more useful in North Carolina than in Colorado where I am just throwing it away. Living in a purple state as a conservative has many advantages. But, Colorado is going deep blue (sickle and hammer blue, ironically) Had I grew up here, had family here and had some reason to stay I maybe would. However, I have only been here 5 months and have not a single friend or know a soul in this state, so I really have no reason to help fight for this state. It cost a fortune for me to live in Colorado and I can live cheaper and have lot of business opportunities there in North Carolina. I'm also considering maybe going to Tennessee , Georgia or South Carolina. South Carolina could use some help with its gun laws, as the state has too many RINOs who need to be voted out by people like me. I don't want my hard earned tax money going to support fascists. How can I sleep at night knowing my state income tax is funding a Communist regime that is massacring law-abiding citizens and one day may come and murder me? I am not paying the salaries of the communist politicians and police gestapos who will come and murder innocent men, women and children and even myself.
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