Thinking out loud: Are senate and house democrats 'under orders'?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PMKN_PI, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Judging by the stonewalling we get from democratic senators and congressmen, evidenced by their auto-reply emails to constituents regarding their determination to ram through law that would shred the 2nd Amendment, might they be answering to a very small ring of puppet masters, with actual orders to ignore what their voters want and just do what they are told? I think others in congress need to start asking this question, pointing fingers, and digging. If so, treason trials should start with televised hangings done the following week.
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    In this case, I would say there is probably no overt arm twisting by their leadership. I expect liberal Democrats are merely responding to 2A supporters much like conservative Republicans would merely send out similar autoreplies to pro-abortion or pro-illegal immigrant groups, i.e. giving them the proverbial brush-off.

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    Um...of course.

    Individual congressmen are reliant on their political parties for backing, support, etc. If you want party money for media ads, access to political donors, Presidential visits, etc., you have to follow the party line.

    An individual congressman might sway one way or the other on a particular issue if it's really important to his constituency, but there's a reason the party leaders in the House are called "whips" - their job is to whip their parties into alignment for votes.

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