Thinking of investing in a gewehr 43

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by BrotherGlacius, Feb 8, 2016.

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    I've been trying to find a decent k98 for a while now just for shooting. Collectibility was secondary to having something that I could take out to the range. And for some reason I'm not really interested in the M48.
    I've not been too successful so far, mostly because I didn't want to pull the trigger on a $1K-2K purchase. And then for some reason, I started looking into the gewehr 43 rifle. A little research there and I'm looking at anywhere from $3K-6K. But the thought of owning something like that just really appeals to me. It seems worth the price tag. And when you look at it like an investment, it will only grow in value as time goes by.

    But it is a significant amount of money for that has held me back so far, and the fact that my wife might actually kill me for spending that much on a rifle. But I figured it couldn't hurt to reach out to the community here to get some more thoughts and opinions on the matter.
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    what a sweet piece history that would be.....the first
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    My thoughts mirror your own. Very cool rifle! Very expensive rifle! I'm in the same boat with a 9mm "Broomhandle!" Sigh!

    Well.....'Ya only live once!:D
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  4. Goosebrown

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    Would you be interested in a project G43?
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    There's a lot of neat milsurps I'd like to get, and I've been collecting them for over 40 years, and spending good money doing it. The NUMBER ONE rule about gun collecting is:

    1.) Have 30 to 60 days of expenses available in case things go south with your income.
    2.) Be sure you have adequate insurance for your health, life, and property.
    3.) Be sure you have a good retirement savings plan.
    4.) When you want to buy a gun, see above.

    If you ignore those rules, you will end up selling your gun collection to meet expenses, and not getting full value for them, either.

    The market for G41's and G43's is so limited at the current prices, that they are not going to make you any money in the future, in my opinion. Even the Mauser Broomhandle and Luger are at a value plateau.

    I know a guy whose lust for a 1941 Johnson rifle was the catalyst ending his marriage. Now he has no $5,000 rifle and no wife, either. To be fair, there was more than one expensive rifle, but it was a big reason for it.
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    I like the historic factor of a Gewehr 43.
    We had one come into the pawn shop I worked in a number of years ago.
    The rifle was complete with cleaning rod , sight hood , spare parts and the instruction "comic" book .
    Overall the rifle was a fantastic find.
    I have been in the Infantry and I understand about military rifles. I also understand that this rifle was made in 1944 and in the "Hurry up , get the gun out , so we can shoot the Allies" stage of German war production.
    So historically the rifle was very cool.
    But the idea of spending ( at that time ) over $1000.00 dollars for a rifle with rough unsanded wood , mill marks and a poor metal finish was unappealing to me.
    I understand comparing the fit and finish a late war military rifle to say a pre-war sporting rifle or even pre-war / early war 98K is unfair.
    But if I was to spend what the G43's are selling for now , I would want a better finished rifle.
    I guess in this case , looks trump history , at least for me.
  7. Velzey

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    20 years ago they were $400-$800
    Now you see the current prices of decent specimens! Sheesh just look at the prices of early matching number K98's....Are they still making them? Nope! They are getting to be very sought after...:(

    G41, G43, Luger's, matching number K98's, PO8's oh boy the list goes on and on. The whole slew of small German Waffenampt pistols from all the Occupied countries...
    All getting very collectable!

    Get it!

    I hate hearing guys say oh I bought this rifle for $$$$ amount... Wife goes ballistic....really?
    My wife says oh man now that's cool, let's go shoot it!!
    On big dollar purchases I always run the numbers past my book keeper wife..say this is what they sold for 20 years ago.. This is current value and what I expect them to be at in 20 years..
    Thinking back I should have bought 3 dozen Pythons!

    They are not making any more! Better buy two!
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