Things haven't changed much in 60 years.

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    Reading (once again) "Sixguns" by Elmer Keith. Ran across this passage in a section where he is relating
    some shootings he had knowledge of.

    " The lesson is that no one can ever be certain that a criminal or insane person will not push
    him into a situation that has no answer except the gun. One psycopath managed to murder
    about twelve people in broad daylight in the business section of a New Jersey city a few
    years ago. He would have done well to get the third one in an Idaho or Montana town.
    New Jersey makes it a crime for respectable citizens to own guns. Idaho and Montana
    have no such laws."

    Sixguns was printed in 1955. The above passage could have been written today.

    Anybody have any idea what incident in New Jersey he was talking about???

    ETA: I suspect that Keith was referring to this:
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    He said that cowpokes and whatnot would ventilate buildings containing bad folk at the drop of a hat.. much to the detriment of said bad person.
    They were concerned with penetration back in those days too! lol
    He also made mention of people being lined up/not being lined up so one rifle slug would or would not take them all out, as the case might be.

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