Things are becoming very clear to most.

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    DHS Arming Obama’s Civilian Army With Recent Ammo Purchases?

    Things are becoming very clear to most.

    If this type of stuff does not open some peoples eyes to what is out on our horizon nothing will. It is happening so turning your head away is not the answer. Too many stupid Liberals
    are already doing that and will be blind sided when the crap starts flying. This government is using the the terrible Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings for their sole purpose to try and
    disarm the public. All you have to do is take the time to read articles on the Internet to see what Barack Obama and the liberal government are up to with the tax payers monies.

    1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation - Forbes

    What the government has already ordered.

    The Denver Post on February 15th ran an Associated Press article entitled Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo so far to little notice. It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As reported elsewhere some of this purchase order is for hollow-point rounds forbidden by international law for use in war along with a frightening amount specialized for snipers. Also reported elsewhere at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years. In America.

    Add to this perplexing outright purchase of ammo DHS now is showing off its acquisition of heavily armored personnel carriers repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of operation. As observed by “paramil blogger” Ken Jorgustin last September:
    NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control Bruce Rogers Bruce Rogers Forbes Staff Obama's Gun-Control Laws Would Limit Not Destroy $32B Firearm Industry
    Abram Brown Abram Brown Forbes Staff
    A Gun-Control Battle That Could Actually Damage The Industry Is Escaping Public Attention
    Abram Brown Abram Brown Forbes Staff
    How To Rescue The Republicans From The Grave Karl Rove Is Digging For Them
    Ralph Benko Ralph Benko Contributor

    The Department of Homeland Security is apparently taking delivery (apparently through the Marine Corps Systems Command Quantico VA via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted 2717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ Maxx Pro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.”

    These MRAP’s ARE BEING SEEN ON U.S. STREETS all across America by verified observers with photos videos and descriptions.”

    Regardless of the exact number of MRAP’s being delivered to DHS (and evidently some to POLICE via DHS as has been observed)why would they need such over-the-top vehicles on U.S. streets to withstand IEDs mine blast sand 50 caliber hits to bullet-proof glass? In a war zone… yes definitely. Let’s protect our men and women. On the streets of America… ?”

    “They all have gun ports… Gun Ports? In the theater of war yes. On the streets of America…?

    Seriously why would DHS need such a vehicle on our streets?”

    Why indeed? It is utterly inconceivable that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is planning a coup d’etat against President Obama and the Congress to install herself as Supreme Ruler of the United States of America. There however are real signs that the Department bureaucrats are running amok. About 20 years ago this columnist worked for two years in the U.S. Department of Energy’s general counsel’s office in its procurement and finance division. And is wise to the ways. The answer to “why would DHS need such a vehicle?” almost certainly is this: it’s a cool toy and these (reportedly) million dollar toys are being recycled without much of a impact on the DHS budget. So… why not?

    Why indeed should the federal government not be deploying armored personnel carriers and stockpiling enough ammo for a 20-year war in the homeland? Because it’s wrong in every way. President Obama has an opportunity now to live up to some of his rhetoric by helping the federal government set a noble example in a matter very close to his heart (and that of his Progressive base)one not inimical to the Bill of Rights: gun control. The federal government can (for a nice change) begin practicing what it preaches by controlling itself.

    Remember the Sequester? The president is claiming its budget cuts will inconvenience travelers by squeezing essential services provided by the (opulently armed and stylishly uniformed) DHS. Quality ammunition is not cheap. (Of course news reports that DHS is about to spend $50 million on new uniforms suggests a certain cavalier attitude toward government frugality.)

    Spending money this way is beyond absurd well into perverse. According to the AP story a DHS spokesperson justifies this acquisition to “help the government get a low price for a big purchase.” Peggy Dixon spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: “The training center and others like it run by the Homeland Security Department use as many as 15 million rounds every year mostly on shooting ranges and in training exercises.”

    At 15 million rounds (which in itself is pretty extraordinary and sounds more like fun target-shooting-at-taxpayer-expense than a sensible training exercise) … that’s a stockpile that would last DHS over a century. To claim that it’s to “get a low price” for a ridiculously wasteful amount is an argument that could only fool a career civil servant.

    Meanwhile Senator Diane Feinstein with the support of President Obama is attempting to ban 100 capacity magazine clips. Doing a little apples-to-oranges comparison here 1.6 billion rounds is … 16 million times more objectionable.

    Are DHS Arming Obama’s Civilian Army With Recent Ammo Purchases?

    March 26, 2013
    Retired US Army Captain Terry Michael Hestilow wrote an open letter and posted it to Facebook concerning the recent purchases by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
    Hestilow directed the letter to Senator John Cornyn. In the letter Hestilow said: “It is with gravest concern that I write to you today concerning the recent appropriation of weapons by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that can only be understood as a bold threat of war by that agency, and the Obama administration, against the citizens of the United States of America. . . . The Obama administration is deliberately defunding, overextending, and hollowing the Department of Defense; the only legitimate agency of the U.S. government with a war mission.”
    Hestilow went on to explain: “This act of the Obama administration stands as a glaring threat of war against our nation’s citizens! This act of the Obama administration can only be understood as a tyrannical threat against the Constitution of the United States of America! If left unresolved, the peace loving citizens who have sworn to defend the United States Constitution ‘against all enemies, both foreign and domestic’ are left no option except to prepare to defend themselves, and the U.S. Constitution, against this Administration’s ‘coup’ against the People and the foundations of liberty fought for and defended for the past 238 years. We have no choice if we honor our oaths.”
    Hestilow demanded that DHS “immediately surrender their newly appropriated weapons of war to the Department of Defense (DoD). Further, since the DHS has assumed a position in the Administration to enforce the tyrannical acts of this president against the People of the United States against the limits of the United States Constitution, it remains for the United States Congress to exercise its limiting power in the balancing of powers established by our founding fathers, to disestablish and dissolve the DHS as soon as possible.”
    Hestilow asked Cronyn: “Will we allow this present Administration to overthrow our United States Constitution and its legal processes to amend injustices, or, will we honor our obligations to defend the Constitution against a ‘domestic’ enemy?”
    Last August, Major General Jerry Curry, who is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, paratrooper and Ranger, asked the question: “Who does the government intend to shoot?” In an op-ed piece, Curry brings up the strange purchases of hollow point bullets the Department of Homeland security has made recently. Through other federal agencies like the Social Security Office (SSO) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the DHS have ordered several thousand hollow point bullets as well.
    Curry states: “No one has yet said what the purpose of these purchases is, though we are led to believe that they will be used only in an emergency to counteract and control civil unrest. Those against whom the hollow point bullets are to be used — those causing the civil unrest — must be American citizens; since the SSA has never been used overseas to help foreign countries maintain control of their citizens.”
    Last week, DHS placed another solicitation for “360,000 rounds . . . [of] commercial leaded training ammo (CLTA) Pistol .40 caliber 165 grain, jacketed hollow point.”
    The DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) is expected to accept delivery for this order. FLECT is where DHS is training local police department officers from across the nation in military tactical operations; creating the civilian army Obama referred to in 2009.
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides funding to local police departments to send their officers to FLETC to receive militarized education in tactical operations.
    FLETC has locations in Georgia, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington DC. This federal militarization of local police extends to international policing agencies which “develops, coordinates, manages, and delivers international training and technical assistance that promotes the rule of law and supports U.S. foreign policy.”
    The 2011 document entitled “Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States” outlines how a “comprehensive strategy” to counter the influence of al-Qaeda is being championed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with digital information sharing and coordinating intelligence with local law enforcement to thwart terrorist plots and “save many American lives”.
    Using propaganda, under the guise of “local partners in their grassroots efforts to prevent violent extremism” the federal government is building a network with local law enforcement against the threat of radicalization online and in the real-world.
    The document names plots devised by neo-Nazis, anti-Semitic hate groups, racial supremacists, international and domestic terrorists inspired by al-Qaeda as a threat to the US. The federal government is utilizing local police departments to build a “local level . . . resilience against violent extremism.”
    Over the last few years the DHS have been indoctrinating local police departments into “non-Federal law enforcement agencies” as outlined in the DHS directive from the Office for State and Local Law Enforcement (SLLE).
    DHS is successful in their relationship with local police departments all across the nation because they are contracted private security firms (or hired armed guards) that are placed in a city or town to secure the population and generate revenue for the local government.
    In 2009, President Obama said that: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
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    Guess we better keep stocking up on ammo when we can.
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    Saw this same information on Forbes website and now I feel paranoid about the governments intention. :paranoid: I watched the 2016 movie and came away with the impression that Obama was a communist.
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    You should watch "Dreams from my Real Father" - chillingly convincing

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