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Discussion in 'Oregon Firearms Federation' started by Northwest Firearms, May 16, 2017.

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    They’re back.

    After the failure of their last bill that sought to force gun dealers into the mental health business, House Rep and (gubernatorial hopeful) Knute Buehler and anti-gun extremist Senator Elizabeth Hayward are back with a watered down version.

    HB 3460, introduced today, would require the Oregon Health Authority to create “a firearm safety and suicide prevention program.”

    The obvious implication is that firearms lead to suicide. The material created would be sent to gun dealers who would then be expected to distribute the material (“multiple versions of which would be created to reflect the different local values and cultures within this state”).

    During the hearing for their last attempt at this, after the initial bill had been amended to make distribution of this material voluntary, the supporters of the bill made no secret of their plan to force it to be mandatory after a year or two when it inevitably failed to reduce suicides.

    While the new version calls for “consultation with firearm rights groups” it does not name them and you can be sure those groups will be Bloomberg sponsored sham groups that put “gun safety ” in their names but work overtime to eliminate gun ownership. We certainly were not “consulted” about the language in this latest bill.

    This charade bill has not yet been assigned to a committee but since it is very late in the session we expect it to go to the House Rules Committee.

    This is the same committee that has Boquist’s gun confiscation bill, SB 719 ,and is more anti-gun than the Judiciary Committee where their last bill went and died.

    We will let you know when hearings are scheduled for these pointless and counterproductive attacks on your rights.

    Oregon Firearms Federation
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    if it's not WA it's OR...
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    Here's a radical idea: how about fixing the crumbling highways the state is responsible for first and then after that *maybe* any left over funds (hah!) can be spent on ineffective "feel good" programs.
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    that would require common sense
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