Theives Drag 100lb Safe from Big Town Hero in Eugene.

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    Little confused about this situation. I don't understand how the owner could take such an apathetic approach. He was robbed once, so his solution was to get a 100lb safe and apparently not bold it down? What are your thoughts? What would you do to hopefully deter future attempts?

    EUGENE, Ore. -- Thieves targeted the Big Town Hero on Crescent Street Tuesday night. Smashing a side door, they grabbed a very heavy safe and dragged it along the ground down a sidewalk.

    The owners say a baker showed up for work at about 6 a.m. Wednesday and noticed that side laminate glass door smashed in.

    The thieves allegedly went right for the 100-pound safe. Instead of trying to crack it open, they dragged it across the floor and out through a side door. Inside that safe was about $1,500, a days worth of sales.

    "They know who they are going to hit. They have a timetable of when they're going to hit them and as we get better, they'll get better. Now that we are getting heavier safes, they'll probably come in with a dolly. Now that they know we have laminate glass, they'll come in with a mallet," said owner K. Wells.

    This same Big Town Hero location was targeted in December. Thieves got away with about $2,000 then. Even with a heavier safe and increased security, this shop got hit again.

    There was no surveillance video taken, so there is no suspect description. If you have any information about this robbery, call Eugene Police.
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    Thieves.---I before E except after C. Greydog.,:thumbup:
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    LOL! A 100 lb safe is not a very heavy safe. About anyone could haul that off.

    A normal safe will weigh well over 600 lbs and many up in the 1000-1500 range.

    In a business I would either have it built right into the floor, like a true floor safe or bolt it down into concrete. I suspect that anything that is in the 100 lb range can be opened with large pry bars in less than 5-10 min.

    People invest thousands into their business and then go cheapo on their safes. Same for people with gun collections. They may have 10K+ in their gun collection but will buy a cheap stackon steel safe that has a pop machine key lock. Takes seconds to defeat.

    I remember selling a 600 lb safe that was owned by a friend that passed away. It was bolted to the floor of his garage. I unbolted the safe and discovered I could spin it around on the concrete and move it all over the garage with ease. My son and I moved it up to the back of a pickup truck and tilted it into the truck and lifted it in with no trouble. So yes, it is very important to bolt them down into concrete or thru bolt them through the floor and put washers and nuts under the crawl space if you can access it.
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    I understand his rationale about the futility of his situation, but it doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them. Make them earn their money so to speak. They should have to burn off some calories to get what they want.

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