TheBeltman Horse Hide Velcro lined duel layer Gun Belt

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    Baught this for a friend and he measured his circumferance wrong. This is one of the Beltman's dual layer bull hide inner horse hide outer (horse hide is stiffer than bull hide). He offers belts with "defects" to those that have purchased new products from him at a discounted price. Belt cost me $67 with shipping. The defect is a small area that is polished too much causing a dip in the edge near the buckle holes. A new one from him costs about 100. I carry with a 1 3/4 bull hide belt of his with stiffener added. Best belt I've ever seen or used. keeps the firearm in tight without any sag. Literally makes your holsers seem better :). his website is if you want to look. Detail and finish are awesome. Just looking to get out of it what I spent. Make sure and measure from the end of your buckle to the hole used most as he sizes his belts this way. This is a 42 and that means 42 inches from the end of the buckle to the center hole.





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