The Weatherman is not worthy of his weather.

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    Kaden and I got up early today (0700hrs.)

    The weatherman said that by 1100hrs it would be a rainy mess outside, so we decided to roll on up to Grizzly and do the loop before then.

    When we got there, Ours was the only car in the lot. A couple of Mountain Quail ripped across the lot when we got there and that got
    Kaden in the mood for a good stomp up the hill.

    Kaden and I took off on a spur we'd never been down before that ended in a sheer drop of about 100 feet.

    Someone had done some rock landscaping and we decided to take a photo.

    14220679321_43d59b5641_b.jpg DSC_5582.JPG by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    14221736792_568c320d06_b.jpg DSC_5581_edited-2.jpg

    Back in the mid 90's there was a 500Kv power line that touched off a fire up here.

    It made the area look like a forest of Totem Poles.

    14220686161_bc4d170bfa_b.jpg DSC_5595.JPG by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    I know that Morel mushrooms like places that have been burned out, and plowed over.

    Me and Kaden looked all over for them, but never found a single one.

    14200838326_7f1d8fd1ac_b.jpg DSC_5584_edited-1.jpg by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    It used to be easy to get turned around

    Now, it seems like everything is too easy.

    What ever happened to getting lost in the woods and figuring it all out on your own?

    I am glad I grew up when I did.

    14244333963_b9b3eda53e_b.jpg DSC_5596.JPG by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    In my day,
    there we no signs,
    no GPS,
    no internet, etc.

    You got turned around, then you got it right eventually.

    I don't like instant answers at my fingertips

    I think there is merit in finding things out by doing them.

    By putting one foot in front of the other,
    we learn how to become capable
    and we make our own ways..

    14201008956_da1b3c7a2a_b.jpg DSC_5602_edited-1.jpg by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    14037499199_d5fef88386_b.jpg DSC_5603_edited-1.jpg by Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    [url=][ATTACH]86093[/ATTACH][url=]DSC_5604_edited-1.jpg by [url=]Duncan Tennyson, on Flickr

    As a bonus, The weatherman was off by about 6 hours, and the day was still nice when We got home.

    So I grabbed my pistol and went up and shot off 150 rounds and blasted some cans.

    On the way back down the mountain road, a gal was thumbing for a ride (there is no one out there.)

    I pulled up and rolled down the window and asked her "are you ok?"

    She said "Yeah, I am fine, but me and my brother any my husband were up cutting firewood and the truck refused to start, so I need a ride into town."

    "Get in I said, I have to go there anyway"

    She got in and said "was that you shooting?"

    Yeah, it was me.

    "Well, I hope you nailed em" she said.

    A beautiful day that I'd have missed out on if I'd listened to the weatherman.[/url][/url][/url]
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