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People won't care the Ultra rich are the ones doing the majority of polluting while pushing the CC scam tax the middle class scam.

The TV says comply and that is all that is required

Sucks that the place I've lived all my life is seen as a test bed for idiocy and decay.

All Empires eventually die, but not ours, I'm pretty sure ours will last forever.

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My dad used to fire off all kinds of rifles into the air on July 4th and as a kid I'd always ask what if one comes down and kills someone? He replied, 'They shouldn't have been standing there". Was on the Willamette Channel firing over Sauvie's Island so the odds were pretty slim I guess.

Never have depended on Gov't, police for my personal or home security and these days that is a good thing because they really don't care anymore either and are going to be too busy protecting their own families.

Getting burglarized while at home? Please leave a voicemail about it - the message won't be returned.

100s of billions to give away for useless proxy wars we started; $9000 'hello and welcome checks' for illegals in Chicago. $2,200 a month free cash + a nice hotel room. No wonder there are no funds left.

The worst part is this type of crime has hit pandemic levels because the courts say there aren't enough jail cells to hold them all, yet there is always plenty of space to jail the homeowners who fight back.

Grand Reopening? Grand Closing. Most small retail businesses are simply doomed at this point.

If it isn't our corrupt gov't pushing draconian measures, useless face diapers and distancing at restaurants, then when those measures are gone, then they can face the thugs enabled by same.

Bottom line is gov't wants us useless eaters at home in front of the boob tube watching CNN fear propaganda and afraid to leave our homes.

A friend of mine owned a clean and nice little pub out on SE Stark and had to sell out and become a waitress again. The thugs ran her out. Hardest working, honest person. Just awful.

The memo most will not let sink in at this point is that our society is DYING and it most likely will never recover.
Problem-Reaction-Solution as always. The solution will be we all living in a giant surveillance police state, outdoor prison camp at some point and gov't decides who eats and who starves.

Oh, oops - good morning!! Happy Holidays!! 😅 😅 😅 Don't want to be negative!

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