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The Surprising Way Obama Will Finally Get Rid of Guns

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by fredball, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. fredball

    fredball Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Gun Control / Other News / WTF

    Weeks ago it was revealed the Department of Justice was working with the FDIC to provide new monetary regulations that would halt the sale of guns by licensed gun dealers.

    Though Obama maintains that he only wants to enforce “reasonable, common sense” gun control, when you peak behind the curtain it’s easy to see this is just a magic trick he’s using to distract Americans from what’s really happening.

    So how is Obama going to finally starve Americans of access to firearms? It’s called “Operation Chokepoint.”

    Operation Chokepoint is a devious means of shutting down gun stores by blocking them from obtaining credit and even basic banking services.

    Operation Chokepoint works directly with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and lumps gun sellers into the same category as “high risk” businesses like pornographers, head shops, and pyramid schemes to prevent lending institutions from providing them with open lines of credit to fund their businesses.

    By categorizing gun stores in such a way, it could virtually shut down gun dealers across the nation.

    Gun store owners are understandably concerned, and despite claims to the contrary, they feel the DOJ is unjustly restricting access to the credit they need to operate their businesses.

    According to a Washington Times article:

    A Justice Department representative said the agency is conducting several investigations that aim to hold accountable banks “who are knowingly assisting fraudulent merchants who harm consumers.”

    “We’re committed to ensuring that our efforts to combat fraud do not discourage or inhibit the lawful conduct of these honest merchants,” the Justice Department said in a May 7 blog post.

    The Obama administration understands that if they can limit the ability of gun stores to do business, they can destroy the second amendment without having to touch the Constitution or pass more legislation.

    Operation Chokepoint will likely work in tandem with new private seller laws that require the sale of a firearm to go through a licensed gun broker.

    This is problematic because if the only way to obtain a gun through private sale is to make the sale through a gun broker, and there are no gun brokers in the area because they’ve been shutdown through credit or banking restrictions, it will make the transfer of firearms from one person to the other nearly impossible.

    In light of this disturbing revelation, it might bring comfort to know that there are already several grassroots efforts underway to challenge Operation Chokepoint.

    According to Gun Owners of America:

    [GOA] is encouraging Members of Congress to defund Obama’s efforts to dry up funding for the firearms industry by regulatory fiat.

    Congressman Steve Stockman put it this way: “It’s pretty clear that, unless Congress uses the power of the purse to stop him, Barack Obama will use his ‘phone and his pen’ to ban guns by cutting off money for gun manufacturers and dealers.”

    Legislators are proposing bills on a wide variety of fronts. Blaine Luetkemeyer, vice chairman of the House committee with jurisdiction, has called for legislation to block the FDIC’s insidious scheme. And good for him! But, given that Obama will veto any free-standing legislation to save the gun industry, an appropriations rider is also necessary.

    Let’s hope these legislative efforts successfully stop Obama from fully implementing his plan.​
  2. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    OH ya the FDIC is going to stop WALMART from accepting credit cards ROFLMAO

    The FDIC is nothing but an Insurer for depositors they are not a regulatory agency.

    This might effect a few small shops for a little while as they switch to credit processors that would rather do business then play silly games.

    Keep in mind they are also doing this to the PORN industry take a look around the internet and see how well that's working LOL.

    And keep in mind all this silly crap will end with OBAMA.
  3. AMProducts

    AMProducts Maple Valley, WA Jerk, Ammo Manufacturer Silver Supporter

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    You know, this seems like one of those things that's going to blow up in their face. As this means gun stores will become "cash only" businesses, that means much less of an audit trail for them to follow. No way to see who the store sold everything but the lower receiver to. At the same time, there are some big money interests out there who will look at this vacuum as an opportunity, and can fund it themselves.

    My business is self funded, I have never taken a loan from a bank, the only loan I have taken is from myself. It takes much longer to get going this way, but at the same time, I am beholden to none.
  4. The Heretic

    The Heretic Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I would gladly pay cash for a firearm, and would prefer to.

    But this isn't going to help a gun store all that much if a bank still closes their accounts. They have to put that cash somewhere, they won't want to keep it in a mattress.
  5. Bacchus

    Bacchus The Republic Active Member

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    Think about this the next election.
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  6. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    I see a great business opportunity here, maybe Bitcoin based?
  7. Simonpie

    Simonpie Portland Active Member

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    Despite the fiasco that was gunpal, I think there's plenty of room for a well run pro gun financial service. It starts with the gun business, but once people try and like it, it soon gets all our business.
  8. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    Gun folks are nothing if not loyal!
  9. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    This just means that they will have to do business the old fashion way
    Buy within their means
    An established shop should have no problems with this type of law. You buy what you can afford. You keep money in the coffers instead of spending on frivolous things.
    Just like it used to be.
    It will weed out the guys who can't run a budget
  10. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    WHAT? You don't believe in DEBT? What are you, some kind of RADICAL? Next you'll be telling us we don't need BANKS to keep our money safe!
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