The subject is believed to be gun control.

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    I will be on the line I would love it if someone could get hold of Dave Workman and let him know about this

    47th District Republican Newsletter] Mind the Guns

    We have just learned from the Tea Party Patriots that the Democrats in
    the 37th district are holding a Tele-Townhall with Washington State
    Legislator Eric Pettigrew (D) tonight at 6:30 PM
    . The subject is
    believed to be gun control. Any of you folks who are strong 2nd
    Amendment supporters might want to get in on this to at least know what
    the Democrats have in mind to bring on more gun control in Washington State.

    This is a phone townhall. To get on you need to call this number:
    And use the access code 18646

    I wouldn't wait until 6:30 as there may be a lot of people calling in to
    listen and it might get a bit crowded getting into the "meeting".

    Thanks to KC Jefferies for passing this on to us.

    I will try to get a newsletter out in the next few days. Just because
    you haven't seen anything from me does not mean that the Democrats and
    our elected officials have not been doing anything we might not approve of.

    I keep looking for the good news. If you see any please pass it on so
    we can share it.

    Orin R. Wells
    Vice Chairman - 47th District Republicans
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    is it illegal to record such a non-private telephone conversation?

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